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The Technical Supply Corporation is specialized and a leader in the field of supplying hotels with all materials and supplies necessary for maintenance and decoration. We provide our services to hotels all over the country, by providing a wide range of products and services for hotels, including maintenance materials, publications, room supplies, decoration works of gypsum and paints, carpentry works, and marble works.
In addition, we also provide room key cards. Focusing on providing high quality products and services, we are always working to meet and exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.
We are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that meet the needs of different hotels throughout the Kingdom, and we consider that success in this field requires commitment to high levels of quality and service.
Our company operates with high professionalism and attention to detail and innovation in everything we offer. And that every hotel we serve receives the attention and care it deserves.

Decoration works of gypsum and paints

Design and implementation of interior decoration services using gypsum and paints.

Room supplies

Room amenities that ensure the comfort and well-being of guests, from luxurious furniture to small items.

Hotel Publications

From menus and brochures to room cards and banners, with creative designs that reflect the hotel's identity.

Maintenance and decoration materials

From furniture and lighting to raw materials like paints and fabrics, to ensure that the hotel stays put.

Furniture and carpentry works

Comprehensive solutions for joinery and fit outs including design, fabrication and installation, with an emphasis on detail and quality.

Room key cards

Dedicated room key cards that provide high security for guests and facilitate entry and exit from rooms.

Carpentry and marble works

Design and installation services for wooden and marble furniture, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.



Technical Supply Corporation

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Vision and Mission:

Technical Supply Corporation We are not just suppliers, we see ourselves as partners in the success of the hotels we serve. We embrace a vision of quality, innovation and exceptional service. For us, every hotel is an opportunity to show how innovative solutions can make a difference.

Our mission is to provide the products and services that hotels need to provide an outstanding guest experience.

We believe in innovation as a key factor in providing effective and appropriate hotel solutions. We always strive to provide innovative products and services that meet the changing market needs.

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